Procella 11.4.6 Atmos Demo System at ISE 2015

In a sound room designed and constructed by Procella’s Dutch distributor Cosento, Procella showcased perhaps the most advanced audio system at the show – a full Dolby Atmos® audio playback system. The Atmos demos captivated the audience, with great imaging specificity around the room and over listeners heads, including highly effective pans moving throughout the listening space.

Procella’s active 11.4.6 channel system used 21 Procella loudspeakers. In addition to the standard 7.1 setup, the system included six ceiling-mounted overhead speakers, two front wide speakers, a second set of side surround speakers, and a total of four active subwoofers.

Procella P28 speakers mounted in a baffle wall were used for the left, center and right channels, and the new Procella P5 speaker was used for all 14 surround and overhead channels. A single P18 active subwoofer was paired with three P12 active subs. The spectacular Trinnov Altitude 32 processor provided Dolby Atmos decoding and Trinnov Optimizer room correction, and all amplification was of course through Procella DA-2800 four-channel power amplifiers.

“After our very successful 9.2.4 channel Dolby Atmos demonstration at CEDIA Expo, we were excited to be able to take things to the next level with a 11.4.6 channel system,” said Gerben Van Duyl, founding partner of Procella Audio. “The reaction from EMEA integrators and other visitors was quite enthusiastic, with many of them hearing Dolby Atmos with greater than 16 playback channels for the first time. Hearing Atmos with the full resolution and cinema impact of Procella Audio loudspeakers was a powerful demonstration of what we mean by ‘The Procella Effect’.

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