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Procella loudspeaker installations in professional post-production, sound mixing and cinema environments.

Studio 0, beBlue Aoyama, Tokyo

beBlue Studio, in Nagoya, Japan is the first facility in Asia certified by Dolby Laboratories for the production of home Atmos content. It provides a complete mixing environment, using Dolby’s Symphony RMU (rendering and mastering unit).

The configuration is full-range 11.1.4, using 15 Procella P8s, 9 LF815s, and 2 P18 subwoofers. To achieve full-range response for all channels, 15” LF815s are used to extend the response to below 40 Hz. Each LF815 used for overhead or surround channels is fed the summed low-frequency content of two adjacent channels.

Someya-sanShown here is the facility’s chief sound designer and re-recording mixer, Mr. Kazutaka Someya, renowned as a master of surround sound with over 30 years of surround design experience.

Regarding the choice of  Procella, Someya-san said “We opened a Dolby Atmos-compatible, THX pm3 certified studio in Tokyo in November, 2014. The studio’s main monitors are Procella-made: fifteen P8s, nine LF815-FPs and two P18-FPs.

“Since the studio is rather small, it was very difficult to select the right monitor loudspeaker systems which just fit the size. Careful consultation with THX and SONA Corporation led us to study installing Procella’s loudspeakers.

“Our sound check of Procella showed us that they deliver extremely honest sound and enable us to identify sound images with ease. Because Procella provides clear feature of every sound component, we can detect all of acoustical profiles from their playback sound. In addition, Procella fascinated us with their powerful and quickly-responsive sounds. After finishing my sound check, I figured out ‘honest sound given by an honest designer’ is the Procella’s sound.

“A rather small studio requires loudspeaker systems that can be installed in small space; Procella just meets the requirement. Additional study on various factors also proved that Procella systems are excellent; we naturally decided to install them into our studio.

“Currently working on sound designs or mixing on many projects, we are fully satisfied with the sounds delivered from the Procella loudspeakers. Their honest sound always help my work so much. I appreciate it.”

This true world-class cutting-edge studio is also certified by THX for its pm3 program (professional mixing, mastering and monitoring).

Glovision Studios, Tokyo

Sona Corp., Procella’s pro audio integrator in Japan, designed and installed a full Procella monitoring system installation at Glovision studios in Tokyo. This studio does production and post-production in a wide variety of areas. The studio is well known as an early pioneer of ADR dubbing of soundtracks in Japanese by Japanese voice actors, and this makes up a good portion of their current work.

Other areas of specialization for the studio are the addition of Japanese subtitles for existing films and DVDs, production of additional and bonus DVD content for Japanese distribution, and “localizing” international documentaries specifically for Japanese audiences. Their customers include most major film studios, broadcasters, DVD producers and gaming companies. The mix studio outfitted with Procella uses 9 Procella P6 monitors for L/C/R and 6 surround channels, as well as dual P15 active subwoofers.

Andreas Franck, 2015 and 2012 Guldbagge Award (Swedish Academy Award) Winner for Best Sound

Procella user Andreas Frank has won a second Guldbagge Award for Best Sound from the Swedish Film Institute, for the film The Quiet Roar! Franck’s monitor system uses P610 mains, P6 surrounds and P15 and P10Si subwoofers, in a mix room designed by Anders Uggelberg. Franck also received the Guldbagge 2012 Bästa Ljud Award (Best Sound), for the film Apflickorna, which also won that year’s Best Movie Guldbagge!

Kenneth Skoglund, Sound Control Sweden

Kenneth Skoglund is an internationally renowned sound designer and editor, with an extensive body of work in Hollywood films, as well as television and music video and concert productions. His Swedish-based post-production studio is called Sound Control Sweden, and he has just upgraded to a major Procella system. His L/C/R speakers are P815, supported with four P8 surrounds and dual P18-FP subwoofers.

Tallinn University Baltic Film and Media School, Tallinn, Estonia

The Tallinn University Baltic Film and Media School (BFM) offers hands-on university degree courses in Film Arts, Crossmedia Production, and Audiovisual Media. With over 400 students from more than 20 countries worldwide, BFM is one of Europe’s largest – and Northern Europe’s only – English-language film and media school.

The school’s cinema and audio mix room have identical Procella speaker systems consisting of P815 mains, P8 surrounds and a P18 subwoofer. The 100 seat cinema is 10 x 9 x 6.5m in size, and has a unique configuration with the P815s located above the solid screen. The Procella P815s in the school’s 8 x 6 x 4m mix room are conventionally located behind an AT screen.

Interface Video Production, Hong Kong

Interface Video Production Ltd. is one of the top video and post-production studios in Hong Kong. A full 7.1 channel Procella system is featured in their screening room, consisting of seven P6 speakers for the main and surround channels, with a P15 active subwoofer for the low end.

Studio production manager Wilson Li reports that they are very happy with the installation and the system’s performance. Initial feedback from engineers, producers and directors that have used the room is very positive as well, and in fact, several independent video professionals have booked the room for upcoming screenings of their work!

Palatset (Palace) Theatre, Stockholm, Sweden

In a landmark building in the heart of Stockholm Old Town, the Palatset Theatre was created as a multipurpose and multimedia center for children and young adults, providing them with experiences and activities that include the ability to meet and interact with some of the finest professionals in music, film and performing arts.

Two rooms (both 12 x 7.5 x 5m in size) are equipped with P8 L/C/R speakers, a P18 subwoofer, and an array of six P6 surrounds. The first room (shown here) has 72 seats in a stadium seating configuration, and the second room is a multi-purpose room with an open floor space and a pull-down projection screen.

Housework Sound Design, Stockholm, Sweden

Housework Studios is a studio for music, sound design and editing for film, based in Stockholm, Sweden. Their Procella monitoring system consists of P8 main monitors, four P6 surrounds and a P18 active subwoofer.

James Post, Helskinki, Finland

James Post, located in Helsinki, Finland, provides high end postproduction services for cinema as well as for DVD and Blu-ray authoring. Their Procella monitoring system includes three P8 monitors.