The V18 Bass Engine Subwoofer Is Here!

It’s the new flagship! The V18 dual 18 inch subwoofer sets the new standard for high-output large room subs, with even greater output and bass extension than the mighty P18. This massive subwoofer has earned the distinction of being called The Bass Engine.

Ready for some numbers? The V18 produces continuous output up to 137 dB, with peak output of 143 dB. Its sealed-box design utilizes Procella’s unique V-Loaded driver configuration, with amplification provided, of course, by Procella’s DA06-DSP power amplifier. Its 1W/1m sensitivity is 105 dB, and its power handling of 2 x 1,400W continuous and 2 x 2,800W peak gives the V18 an extremely high output capability. Its low frequency extension to a –3 dB point of 18 Hz enables it to produce massive output at subsonic frequencies. Its hand-made Neodymium subwoofer drivers have 4 inch voice coils and are produced for Procella by one of Italy’s top professional audio driver manufacturers, with each 8 ohm driver fed directly from an amplifier channel through gold-plated binding post inputs. Get the complete tech specs here


In the V-Loaded configuration, which was first made available in Procella’s P860 speaker and V6 subwoofer, the drivers are mounted facing each other, angled at about 12 degrees to form a shape like the letter V. In playback, this produces coupling and a high compression loading of the drivers, resulting in lower distortion, improved transient response, and reduced cone excursion at high SPL.

Procella founding director and V18 designer Anders Uggelberg commented, “While Procella has always produced extremely high output subwoofers that include the reference P18, there are large rooms and listeners with requirements for low frequency reproduction at even higher playback levels. The V18 was produced to address those needs. We increased the enclosure volume and added our V-Loaded configuration to enable the V18 to achieve higher sensitivity, 3 dB higher maximum SPL, and some 3dB more power at very low frequencies.”

And even better news? The V18 is in production and shipping now.



Glovision Studio in Tokyo Upgrades to Atmos with Procella Loudspeakers

Major Tokyo post-production studio Glovision has completed installation of complete Procella monitoring systems in its three suites. All three rooms are configured for Dolby Atmos mixing and playback. The largest room has a 17.1.10 configuration, and two smaller rooms are set up for 9.1.4 and 7.1.2 playback, respectively.

Sona Corporation, Procella’s Japanese Pro Audio dealer, is responsible for all acoustical design and construction. As you can see in the photos and the link below, Sona’s acoustical design work and studio construction are world-class. All three rooms have been commissioned by Dolby Laboratories.

Glovision specializes in audio post, including sound production, sound effects, dubbing of Japanese language soundtracks for cinema presentation of foreign films (e.g., the Hunger Games series), dubbing and subtitles for DVD and Blu-ray, foreign games and foreign television. They also provide services for documentary production and voiceovers.

To learn more about Glovision, click here.

Here are the rooms and the speaker configurations.

Dubbing Stage 301:

Dolby Atmos 17.1.10
Three rows of seating: console, couch in front of console, producer desk behind console.
Click here to see the schematic layout of the room.
Front Speakers: P815FP (3)
LFE Subwoofers: P18FP (3)
Surrounds/Height: P8 (24)
Surrounds/Height Bass Management Subwoofers: P15FP (4)

Mix Room 201:

Dolby Atmos 9.1.4
Two rows of seating: console, couch in front of console.
Click here to see the schematic layout of the room.
Front Speakers: P815FP (3)
LFE Subwoofers: P15FP (3)
Surrounds/Height: P8 (10)
Surrounds/Height Bass Management Subwoofers: P15FP (2)

Mix Room 204:

Dolby Atmos 7.1.2
Single workstation.
Front Speakers: P6 (3)
LFE and Front Bass Management Subwoofers: P10Si (2)
Surrounds/Height: P6 (6)
Surrounds/Height Bass Management Subwoofers: P10Si (2)