The Founders

Gerben Van Duyl is a founding partner in Procella Audio and he is responsible for global business development and management.

Gerben Van Duyl studied Geography and International Business in Groningen, The Netherlands.

In 1997 Gerben moved to London, where he worked for DataCash (UK) Ltd as their first sales & marketing manager. In 1998 he joined Intershop AG, the German e-commerce software company as marketing director for the UK. Gerben joined DTS (Digital Theatre Systems) in 2002 as director of business development for consumer content. As such he was responsible for the strong growth of the number of DVD titles carrying the DTS sound formats in both movies and music. This role also made Gerben the designated public speaker for DTS in Europe on expert topics such as DTS surround sound formats, DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc at industry conferences and public events such as the HiFi News Show.

In 2006 Gerben left DTS and co-founded Procella Audio Ltd together with Anders Uggelberg.

Gerben is also managing director of MAREOR, the Australian distribution company for several high-end cinema products and of course Procella Audio loudspeakers.

Gerben is a full voting member of the BAFTA (British Academy for Film and Television Arts) and member of the BAFTA chapter since 2003.

Gerben lives in Sydney, Australia.

Anders Uggelberg is a founding partner in Procella Audio and he is responsible for product development and production. The loudspeakers Anders has developed for Procella are very much the result of a career focused on achieving perfect image and sound in rooms large and small, whether they are cinemas, recording studios, post production sound stages or home theatres. In fact, Finnkino, the largest cinema operator in northern Europe, currently uses Anders Uggelberg-designed cinema loudspeakers in over 150 screens in Scandinavia and the Baltics. Finnkino has a genuine interest in advancing both the visual and audio quality of their film presentations, and backs that up by making greater investments in technology. Their AS2 sound system installations are noteworthy in that the screen channel speakers are located above a solid screen, rather than behind a perforated screen.

Anders studied mathematics, physics and architectural acoustics at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and Industrial Design at the Swedish Institute of Arts and Crafts.

In 1978, Anders co-founded A&T Ljudproduktion AB in Stockholm and as a consultant to the exhibitors in Scandinavia, he was responsible for the projection and sound design of over 300 screens and several mix studios built during the eighties and nineties. In 1990, Anders was among the very first group of cinema designers and audio engineers from Europe to graduate from THX training with Tomlinson Holman. Anders introduced the THX concept to Scandinavian exhibitors and to date holds responsibility for over 100 THX certified premier run theatres and mix rooms.

In 1998 Anders joined DTS as the director of cinema products for DTS’ Cinema division in Europe, in which capacity he was responsible for technical support, service, and product development of all DTS cinema products.

In 2005 Anders left DTS and in 2006 he co-founded Procella Audio Ltd together with Gerben Van Duyl.

Anders is a board member of the ICTA (International Cinema Technology Association) since 1997, a published member of AES (Audio Engineering Society) and a member of the SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) since 1980. Anders lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

Chuck Back rounds out the Procella Audio team, becoming a partner in 2009 as the company launched operations

in the United States. Bringing 30 years of high-end audio executive experience to Procella, he directs the U.S. office and is involved in the international marketing effort

From 1979 to 2007, Chuck played a key role at Miller & Kreisel Sound Corporation, where in 1989, he became a company principal and Executive Vice President. Responsible for all aspects of day-to-day operations for the highly-regarded loudspeaker manufacturer, he led the company to a tenfold growth in size. Assuming the role of chief brand evangelist, he helped to build M&K into a prestigious consumer and professional audio brand in the global marketplace.

Chuck’s participation in industry organizations and events has included the Audio Engineering Society, the Consumer Electronics Association (and CES show), the Home Theater Specialists of America, and the Professional Audio/Video Retailers Association, among others. He has also been a member of the CEDIA Manufacturers Council, NARAS (Grammys), the Compact Disc Group and the DVD Audio Council.

Chuck has also worked as a public relations and marketing consultant to several companies, where he participated in product development and assisted in the launch of several new products.

While in college in his native Ohio, where he earned a degree in journalism, Chuck entered the audio/video business. As advertising manager for a rapidly growing audio retailer, he created newspaper, radio and television advertising and was the live talent for both radio and television ads. He is grateful that no video tapes of the television ads remain.

Chuck lives in Venice Beach (Los Angeles), California.